Eric Fisher is a storyteller turned product architect, passionate about designing social systems that bring people together in meaningful conversation and community.

My experience in layout design, architecture and computer science made me naturally adept at devising organized systems. My artistic endeavors in cartooning, writing, film and animation grew my love of storytelling, character development and psychology. And my theatrical and social demeanor sustained my desire for community and conversation.

Although I'm both a designer and programmer (and occasional actor / entertainer), the reality is that I simply do whatever needs to be done to realize a vision. My real strength, however, is in roles that put me at the center of all aspects of an operation, allowing me to see the big picture, strategize its implementation and communicate it effectively across roles and disciplines.

My career trajectory has been interesting, to say the least. Most recently I finished a contract with Vice Media working to unify their digital products into one platform. Previously, I had been the social design evangelist at Facebook, where I defined and educated developers on social design, promoted the platform and designed main product components like News Feed and Friends. Before that, I worked at Google, designing the original KnowledgeGraph which incorporates structured data into search. Originally, I worked on the evangelism and developer relations teams at Apple, where I devised interface guidelines and design concepts for building iPhone applications. Throughout all, I have also independently advised smaller companies (including Milo, Airbnb and Eventbrite) to help define and build brand into their product design strategy.

From all my experiences, I've since designed and built my own proprietary social platform called Voxle, aiming to strengthen online communities and conversations within them.

I have a BSE in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania with minors in Psychology and Fine Arts. For my theories on social design, please visit

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