Eric Fisher is a storyteller turned product architect, passionate about designing social systems that bring people together in meaningful conversation and community.

I'm a unique hybrid. On one hand, I'm a naturally structured and spatial thinker, which inclines me towards layout, architecture, development and organization in general. But my primary passion and personality is in the artistic realm, pushing me to explore many forms of media, communication and storytelling: acting, improv, evangelizing, teaching, writing, journalism, film, animation, graphics, etc. Social design brings these two worlds together and focuses them around psychology, sociology, characters and people.

My career trajectory has been interesting, to say the least. A few years ago, I was the social design evangelist at Facebook, where I educated companies on how to create trustworthy social apps, promoted the platform and designed main product components like News Feed stories and Friend Lists. Before that, I worked at Google, designing the original KnowledgeGraph which yields structured data from search queries. Out of college, I worked on the technology evangelism / developer relations teams at Apple, where I devised interface guidelines and design concepts for building iPhone applications. I have also independently advised smaller companies (including Milo, Airbnb, Eventbrite and Vice) to help define and build brand into their product design strategy.

From all my experiences, I then designed and built my own proprietary social platform called Voxle which provides social designers (like me!) with all the necessary tools to start and grow a scalable community with clean design and well-structured data. Offline, I've been focused on practicing improv, leading classes, giving talks and devising workshops.

I have a BSE in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania with minors in Psychology and Fine Arts. For my theories on social design, please visit

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